Abbottabad District Franchise List

The equipment is installed with merchants across 20 district and franchisee status has been allotted, the concept of retention and handsome profit margins is strictly followed for maximum attraction.

Franchise Name Address Contact
Agfa Photo Point (Pos) Manshera Road Maindian Abbottabad 0992-382022,0332-5344470,0346-9581675 0992-382022,0332-5344470,0346-9581675
Atif Gift Center & PCO (Pos) Phool Gulab Road, Opp Ayub Medical Complex 03124504000
Classic Customer Service (Pos) Gami Adda The Mall Abotabad 0345-9594291-0992331280
Easy paisa Shop (Pos) Jinah Road Attd 0301.8163805/0334.8163800
Malik P.C.O (Pos) Malik P.C.O Purana Bus Stand Havellian ( 0301-8108283,0302-5624508 )